Leuchtturm 1917 Softcover Plain Pocket Notebook

  • 80 gsm fountain pen friendly paper
  • soft cover, slim style
  • comes in unlined (shown here), lined, and dot grid types
  • variety of bright colors to choose from
  • elastic string closure, and small pouch in the back for receipts, money, etc.

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Oh, another black notebook, why should I care?

I’ll tell you why you should care. Leuchtturm makes one of the few notebooks that hold up to fountain pen ink at a price that isn’t outrageous. The Leuchtturm pocket notebook is a product that Quiet Aesthetic swears by. (Where do you think we get all our product ideas?) This iteration is the plain, unlined book which is perfect for using however you’d like. They also make lined and dot grid versions if that’s more up your alley.

The 80 gsm paper is as smooth as butter, and each page is individually numbered for easy organization with the included table of contents. The cover is soft so it’ll match the shape of your back pocket and it’s the slim variety so you won’t even notice you have it until you need to write something down. Did I mention durability? These notebooks can take anything you will throw at them and be no worse for the wear. The pages won’t fall out, the cover won’t tear, the elastic won’t break. If there is any one product that we cherish at Quiet Aesthetic it’s the Leuchtturm 1917 pocket notebook.


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